Sunday, May 31, 2015


     I write this post at the end of 4 days as a single mom. I confess it didn't go as swimmingly as I planned. I was tired, cranky, impatient, depressed, lazy and the list goes on. I found myself near tears over the disappointments of the weekend. Failed classes, failed to do lists. Utterly frustrated with the way things were in all aspects of my life. So I took a shower (which was long overdue) and decided I was going to change. But then I thought, what makes this time any different from my last post months ago, where I was declaring change? My failure is because I have lived in my own strength for far too long. I have thought happiness would come when we are out of debt, when I can have an hour to myself a day, when my business flourishes, when I am healthy AND skinny. These things are what I have been striving for and never accomplished. There are 3 reasons; 1) I have been 'trying' and I use that term very loosely (meaning not at all, just hoping these things would magically happen with very little effort) 2)I have been 'trying' in my own strength 3)THESE THINGS WILL NOT MAKE ME TRULY HAPPY!!!!!!!!! I have been looking in the wrong place for happiness, and happiness is not what I really want. Happiness is a finicky thing that comes and goes with life's circumstances. What I really want is Joy and Peace.
     Joy and Peace don't just happen. I am going to have to try (using the real definition of the word and not my definition as mentioned before). But my trying and striving has to look different this time, for both earthly and eternal goals. My striving is surrender. Surrendering all the things that I think I want in order to be happy. This time it is God Whom is going to accomplish and maintain my surrender. It is not my work but His. Phil 2:13 says "it is God that works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure." This doesn't get me off the hook from doing nothing. It means through the power of the Spirit, I empty myself completely so that He can fill and direct my mind, heart, desires and longings. This comes through obedience and fellowship by being in the Word and prayer. Constant fellowship will produce obedience. This is where my work is cut out for me. Developing a daily habit of spending time with God. Discipline- there isn't an ounce of it in me. I am weak and lazy and I will call on the POWER of the Spirit to enable me to develop this.
     As discipline is being worked out in my spiritual life, it is my prayer that it flows and shapes my physical life. Things that I know will better help me serve the Lord and do part of His revealed will that I know, just by my roles as a wife and mom. I am called to be a helpmate to my husband. That means I actually fulfill my duties at home so he doesn't have to. You know those lovely things like dishes, cooking, laundry, etc. Also as a mom to be loving, yet consistent with discipline and to be a teacher (though it doesn't have to look like school). This also means that if I want to do these things well I need to do my part to make sure that I physically can do these things. This means eating right, going to the gym, seeking active care for my thyroid, taking the oils & supplements that I know can help CONSISTENTLY. This is me being super open for accountability. If you have my number, check in, and ask me how its going. If I haven't posted bug me until I do. This will be my diary.
     You may ask how I am going to do this? I am wondering the same thing. For starters I will follow a daily schedule until it is routine. So let's just start with that. So welcome to my journey of absolute surrender to be Finally who I am in Christ.
Day 1; Can't stay here; pay no attention to the dirty mirror

here is my schedule for the next 30 days except for VBS
Here are some pics of us 3 girls                             
model poses



Friday, November 14, 2014

Urban Kids Consignment

Dear UKC customers-
It has been my privalege to serve you at the sale as your doTERRA rep. I can say that it has been such a blessing to meet all of you (and I'm not just saying that). I was so excited to come home and share with my husband about conversations I had with each of you and how much I loved doing it. He has been a huge help with watching our kids so I can come serve you. Thank you Ryan for your support and love through these crazy weeks both now and ahead. I am excited to reconnect with each of you over the course of the next few days. With that said give me some time to give you a call, since I live at the sale through Sunday night.

The doTERRA website has been recently updated. Please click here to check it out. 
I encourage you to look at how the company was started. I firmly believe in the values of doTERRA. Not only are their oils safer than others (you can learn about the processes they use under the "Our Products" tab on the SOURCING link. This video speaks so much to the heart and integrity of doTERRA.

Here is a list of classes for the next 6 weeks.
Tues Nov 18th- 7pm Whittier - Intro to essential oils
Wed Nov 19th- 5:30pm Anaheim - Intro to essential oils (light meal so RSVP)
Thur Nov 20th- 10am Anaheim - Keeping children well (child care so RSVP)
Sun Dec 7th- 2:30pm location coming soon- Oils of the Bible
Wed Dec 10th 7pm location TBD - Make and Take EO Gift Class (RSVP) small fee for take home gifts
Sat Dec 13th 10:30am-location TBD - Make and Take EO Gift Class (RSVP) small fee for take home

The Make and Take classes are for you to come and introduce your family to essential oils. There will be oil pulling intro kits, EO lip balms, bath salts and facial scrubs as well as good ole roller bottle recipes!!!

There are 2 ways to buy essential oils, the first is placing a retail order on the site link above. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!! Call me, text me, email me, and I will help you get your oils cheaper at a wholesale price 25-30% cheaper than retail. This is why coming to a class is so helpful, I can get you started right then and there!!!!!!

As I said, I will be contacting you soon to schedule a class, give you an address to a class, setting up a wellness consult, or sending you more info via email.

Here is a link to a webinar on essential oils. These are generally what we cover in an intro class.

I look forward to start your oils journey with you!!!!
Many Blessings and Thanks
Sara Detig

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The new us

Dear friends- It has been ages! I am slowly revamping my blog to better fit our lives. I will soon be changing my title and FINALLY updating our family pic. But I thought I would do a post that will describe some of our recent changes.

Most of you know that Ryan has been through a huge health transformation. He lost over 80lbs!!!! This March he ran his first marathon. He finished in 4 hours! He won the Biggest Loser challenge at work in March and is beginning his second Biggest Loser challenge today. It will go for 11 weeks. His goal is to be at 200 by the end. It has been so inspiring to watch him work so hard to achieve his goals. Here is a before and after pic of Ryan.
Ryan March of 2012
Ryan & now sister in law Ally; March 2014

 I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds over the time that Ryan has just LOST. I saw pictures from Adam's wedding and I was ABHORRED!!!!!!! Although my new red hair looked fabulous, I can truly say that was the only thing. I have started a Whole30 day challenge. This means I don't eat processed food, and I have given up all grains, all sugar (except fruit), all legumes (never liked beans so this wasn't a stretch) and dairy. As I write this I am on day 4. I have left the "I want to jump off a cliff if I don't have coffee with maple syrup now" phase and entered the more level headed, "I'm not going to die phase." One thing I read on the website was, "it's not hard like fighting cancer or something. It's simply a lifestyle change in putting food in its rightful place." Since I do have my brother in law fighting so mightily it put things in perspective. Andy's fighting cancer, I can make a simple lifestyle change. So much to my chagrin, I'm posting a before picture. I hate this pic, but it symbolizes my continuation to find complete health and wellness. Part of that is diet and weight-loss. 
Another part of my journey to wellness has been through essential oils. I had a friend introduce me to them a few months ago. While the oils have helped our family, the supplements are what have made the difference in my life. I take three supplements called Life Long Vitality Pack. One is all the amino and fatty acids we need, another is all the nutrients that we don't get from dieting, and the one that has made the most difference is to help repair damage on the cellular level. If any of you know my history you know I need all the repair I can get. For some reason my body isn't self regulating by synthroid alone. I have been functioning at like a 20-30% ever since I was 22 when it was removed. With the help of these supplements I am now functioning at a 60ish%. I know as I adjust my diet, exercise and continue with my oils regime things will change. I am excited for what the future holds for me and my health. I am a better wife and mother since I have started these. I take a few other things that are basic auto immune protocol from Chrones to Fibromialgia... Please let me know if you'd like any information on what dōTERRA can do for you. I will be occasionally posting on different ways dōTERRA has worked for us but it won't be overwhelming. I do want to share but not in an annoying down your throat sort of way. LIFE IS WORTH LIVING WELL!!!!!!!

Aside from our health journey, our parenting journey is taking me in a new direction that I didn't think I would do. We are homeschooling this year. Preschool is extremely expensive and was not an option for us this year. Charlie is smart and recognizes half her letters already, (thank you PBS Super Why)!!!! But she is craving fun things to do. She asks to do a craft everyday, and to go visit someone or have a friend come over. Her social desire grows everyday. We are doing Awana and a Thur morning Bible Study and everything we can to fulfill her social needs. But at least I can "make her heart happy" as Charlie says by doing crafts. Our curriculum for this year is called Little Hands to Heaven. I chose it for two non-heroic reasons. It was free because my friend used it last year, and there is no planning involved. Can you give me a Hallelujah!!!! I'm not organized nor good at thinking ahead/preparing in advance. I have always flown by the seat of my pants. So, this curriculum lays it all out. It is very easy, tactile for the kids and Biblically based. We go through all the letters and numbers 1-10. It goes from creation to Paul, and can be incorporated into our family worship time. Did I mention, its EASY!!!!!!! I open the book and 30 mins later school is done for the day. When I was an education major I had lofty ideas of writing my own curriculum for my kids. Oh the things we think we can do pre-children. I will be posting about our triumphs and failures as I venture into this new land of homeschooling. 

And now what most of you have been wanting. Updates on the girls!!!!
Charlie makes life fun. She is dramatic, super outgoing, artistic, smart, impish and is most of all, an entertainer. She is also super strong willed, which is rearing its ugly head most through potty training. She knows what to do and how to do it but refuses because, "its not fun" she says. I have tried all kinds of things from nakedness, forcing her to sit on the potty, holding her hand and cheering for every little brown bit that comes out, treats, etc. So I'm doing my best and not giving up. Ryan is afraid she will be 6 and still in diapers. Many have reassured me that it will eventually click and she'll get it. Until then, I do a lot of praying for a calm voice and a joyful heart as I clean poopy underwear. (Sometimes I just throw it away, when I feel its okay to be wasteful)

Sam is my delight. She is sweetness personified. She loves to cuddle and loves ME!!!!!! She is a mommy's girl. Its nice to have one now. She is part boy the way she jumps into things physically and how she plays. But she still loves to sing and wear her princess dress just like her sister. She copies everything Charlie says and does and it is helping her language development. She is quieter by nature and has never had an opportunity to talk with Charlie around, but now they can play and have conversations. They understand each other better than I do sometimes. Sam is quiet but smart. She will answer any question you ask and understands everything we say. She is also a lover of music and dance. Our home is never quiet. I am living Les Miserables in a non-sensical toddler version, or with Sam, the wordless version. Everything is dictated through song. Did I mention that I am raising my sister? They really do love playing together and can play for a couple hours with little refereeing. Its a joy to watch them play and love on each other. Charlie sings a lullaby to Sam before nap time. When they are laughing together its contagious. So here are some of their recent adventures together. 


Princess day at Chick-Fil-A. Every princess needs a sword!

And that is a LOT to take in so we will leave you with a night, night! Will post again soon. We love you all and thanks for following us on this wonderful journey of life.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Hello all-

I could spend countless words apologizing for neglecting a blog but I'm not going to. Out with the old and in with the new. Now that the girls are a little older I am pretending attempting to be more organized. With this new me is supposedly coming a cleaner house, more organized activities with the girls, and a maintained blog. And I didn't even mention my health goals and starting a sewing business. Yes I know this is all too much but maybe if I set high goals somethings will actually get done.

December was a blur. I crammed for a craft fair with my new-found hobby/business, had a company Christmas party, got very ill, and once we had recouped, fixed Christmas dinner for 156 people from 27 different families. Ryan cooked and my main job was to keep the kids out of his hair. I also did all of our Christmas shopping in 1 week. This is the third year our family has cooked for needy families and was our biggest one yet. It seems that as time progresses so do the needs of others. It gets harder and harder to draw a line. Only the Lord knows how far He will go with this. Ryan's desire is for our family's Christmas to be about sharing the good news of Christmas in a tangible way. This is wonderful but makes our holiday kind of a blur. So this year we postponed Christmas till Nana (Ryan's mom) came to visit. We face timed all grandparents so they could watch the girls open gifts. Christmas was a multi-day affair that way. Technology is wonderful when you live so far away.
Our most recent family photo

We spend our days going to parks, the gym and various play dates with friends. The girls are very active and love to be outdoors. This is not a problem since we live here in CA. In fact it was 83 on Christmas day.

Charlie is 3 now. She loves singing, dancing in her tippy tap shoes, and generally performing whenever possible. She has never met a stranger and no matter where we are when we leave she always needs a hug and kiss from everyone in the room. Even from random strangers who stop to talk in the grocery store. Encouragement is her main love language. She demands it, and gives it freely. When she has sung me a song she will say, "say good job Charlie" or "clap mom". She also will give lots of encouragement to Ryan, Sam, or myself, for the most menial tasks. She loves pirates and princesses. Captain Hook is her favorite, and Ariel is slowly catching momentum. Her interests grow and change everyday. Charlie will eat anything you put in front of her but is a very distracted eater. She makes art and stories with her food so it takes lots of coaxing to finish a meal in a timely manner. Even though she is VERY dramatic and loves anything art related she also has a cerebral side. She is like her father in the fact that everything has a place and will keep fixing it till its right. There is never a dull or quiet moment with Charlie around. She is very caring and extends grace to others at such a young age.
Charlie with some of her princess and pirate booty from Christmas

Sam is 20 months old. She is part boy. Moves around, and wont stop till she drops. She is very quiet, but is starting to talk more and more everyday. She LOVES animals, and dogs are her favorite. Dadda, Momma then came doggie as her third and most frequently used word. She now says, uh-oh, up, and will sing round and round, all-from the wheels on the bus. She says Nana, thank you and peek-a-boo is our newest word. But her first love, even more than dogs is Elmo. He is her favorite friend and says his name all day long, and whenever we see his face on tv or a book. Her melmo is the apple of her eye at the moment. Sam's love language is touch because she is a cuddlebug. When she wakes up from sleep she must be held for a time that she deems appropriate. If its not enough time she will get jelly legs and fall to the floor crying. When her hug quota is filled she will squirm down my legs and run for food. She is a little pickier than Charlie but her favorite veggies are broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Meat of any kind is what she craves the most. However she loves sweet cheerios and snacks. The most memorable thing about Sam is her God-given sweetness. A warmth that I know God will use for His will in her future.

These two fill our lives with adventure, love, challenges and so much more. We are so blessed to be their parents. God entrusted them to us and we are forever grateful. So here was your quick update. We actually are going to update so stay tuned. Happy New Year from the Detigs

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sam I am

Samantha Mae Detig was ushered into the world at 4pm on Sunday April 15th with great joy. She was 7 pounds 14.5 ounces and 20 inches long. We are so blessed to have our brood of four. Ryan is greatly outnumbered by the amount of estrogen in the house he welcomes another "daddy's girl" which I have no doubt that Sam will be. We went into the hospital around 3am and a short 13 hours later she was born. Don't worry only 2 of those were without an epidural. We can't say enough about all of our nurses and great care we received at St. Joseph Hospital. We will definitely be going back with our next one. Sam has her own personality but was born with the face of her sister. Ryan and I were shocked at the resemblance. She is a hungry little girl and anxiously awaiting mom's mil to come in (hopefully tomorrow). She is a squirmy wormy and wants to scoot and roll all over. This makes changing her diaper a challenge but I enjoy each wrestling match already. We are overjoyed. I could go on but its late and you really want pictures vs words. So here is our Sam

Mommy didn't feel great after her birth. With a fever and the shakes I apologized to Sam for the earthquake and welcomed her to California
much cleaner
all clean and wrapped up for her first sleep home.
her hair is so soft and sweet, I really hope it stays!!!!
thought her face was so cute I would sacrifice and show my towel head on the internet
Charlie is actually pretty gentle with Sam, when she takes time out of her day to notice her

Friday, April 6, 2012

Showers of blessings

We were blessed by our friends both at Ryan's work and from our home group to have them celebrate the arrival of Sam with us. Our Bechtel buddies gave us a shower in an hour. I am humbled that they would shower us because of their friendship with Ryan. It was a time of food and fun. And as you can see from the pictures Charlie was the star of the show. We have visited the office a few times and have attended a softball game last week. The whole office loves her despite how little we come around.

Bob Fosse look out

She LOVES balloons

Rachel is one of the women who helped put on the shower for us. She and her hubby love spending time with Charlie

Our hostess with the mostess Mindy
I chose this because I look "skinny"

 At our next shower we didn't have any pictures but I will share my devotion with you. My friend Candice wrote a poem about my life. It was very touching and shows where I am at in my current life stage.

Year's ago, before you were Mom,
God called and you listened, He sent you abroad.
"To the mission field" He said
"This house is no longer your home."
You packed your bags and boarded the plane,
You set out in faith on your own.

As the time went by God grew you and shaped you
He molded and worked in your heart.
He was working then, to bring about now
The wife and the mom that you are.

From before time began,
He made it His plan
To grow a strong man fit for you .
He laid out your lives,
Had you live them just right
Til dinner that very first night.

Beaming and gazing you stared at this man,
You knew who he was,
You saw how God had,
Worked in your life from childhood til now,
To bring you here,
To this place and a vow.

So quickly it came ,
Your love then a kiss.
On August 21st
You enjoyed wedded bliss!

Now here you are
Married to the man of your dreams.
Two precious daughters as gifts,
And you know what that means.

New seeds to be sown,
Now it is in your home
Your missions no longer abroad.
It's inside your walls ,
It's the way that you call
Your family to rest in your arms.

The sweet love that you show,
To all whom you know .
Speaks  of Christ straight into their hearts.

You heard Him again
God had you listen,
To Him when He said
"Here it is."

"Have self control, be pure, and be kind
Submissive and working at home."
"Remember to love them,
The ones in your home.
It's for them that I died and then rose."

Now the  field looks  a bit different
And yet still the same.
Hardened hearts that are in need of a change.

Your missions at hand ,
Be bold and stand
At the foot of your Saviors throne.

By Him you can,
Be Mom
To Charlie and Sam,
That God intended for you all along.

By His strength draw near,
Listen close and you'll hear
The Holy Spirits sweet prompt in your heart.

When the days get so hard
And life tosses you far
From one place and then to the next.
Remember Gods call,
He's there when you fall.
He guided you right from the start.

Although we miss our family and friends, God has provided so much here and we love our home here. Praise God for the holes he has filled. 

On a side note a few people have asked what we need. 
We put together a registry at babies r us
Detig registry

Detig registry

My next doctors appointment is Monday. I have had several contractions and discomfort but nothing to call the hospital about yet. We will keep you posted. Would appreciate prayers because I am definitely ready.

Till Monday

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Growing family

Hello all, It has been forever. There are a number of excuses reasons why I haven't updated but there are more important things to get to. We are a 13 days or less away from the arrival of Sam, our newest addition to the family. Many (Mom and Cari) have requested pictures of my budding belly. When they last saw me in January I was still quite small. Not to toot my own horn but I have had many people say that I don't look big toot toot. I will say that these pictures will completely counter this statement but you will just have to trust me that in person, I am not huge. There is much to say and share over the next couple of days but for today I will just leave pictures. These were taken TODAY, THE SAME DAY I AM POSTING (you should be impressed with my promptness for once). My husband took the day off, let me sleep in and catch up from the sleepless nights of late. Then he surprised me and took his girls on a picnic (with packed lunch in tow) and we had some pictures taken while we enjoyed the sunshine and ocean and food. It was great to get out as a family. These moments are fleeting till life calms down after Sam.
And then there were almost four

we can't always be happy about being dethroned

My attempt at a kiss

Dancing with daddy

she loves these rats puppies     

Don't be deceived folks, we don't have a walker yet. This photo took a lot of strategery to make it happen.
Our view from the picnic table  

This is a horrible picture of me but a good one of her. The sacrifices mommies make.

So here is me in my pregnancy glory
Tomorrow's post: Showers of blessings